‘Viswamitra’ satellite rights for a fancy price

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*’Viswamitra’ seals satellite rights for a fancy price*

Anjali’s ‘Githanjali’ was a small film before its release but it went on to become a big film after its release.  ‘Tripura’, starring Swathi and Naveen Chandra, too, was a small one before its release but acquired a high stature post its release.  With small films making it big on the basis of their content, satellite channels are increasingly showing a keen interest in buying potential winners for attractive prices.  In this context, ‘Viswamitra’ has sealed a lucrative satellite deal for a fancy rate ahead of its theatrical release.  
‘Viswamitra’, the thriller directed by Raajkiran of ‘Githanjali’ and ‘Tripura’ fame, stars Nanditha Raj in the lead.  It also has Sathyam Rajesh, Prasanna Kumar and Ashutosh Rana in other main roles.  

The makers are happy to have sealed the satellite deal ahead of the film’s release in April.  Presented by Phani Tirumalashetty, the exciting thriller is produced by Madhavi Addanki, S Rajinikanth and Raajkiran.  

Talking about his product, director Raajkiran says, “The incidents shown in the film happened for real in New Zealand and the US.   Although it’s not pure horror, there are doses of horror.  Nobody can say what can and cannot happen in this Universe.  We all live for just a fraction of its lifetime. Nanditha will be seen as a middle-class girl.” Also featuring are Vidyullekha Raman, Chammak Chandra, Cartoonist Mallik, Jeeva, Rocket Raghava, CVL Narasimha Rao, Indu Anand.

Music: Anup Rubens.

Cinematography: Anil Bandari. 

Editing: Upendra. 

Action choreography: Dragon Prakash. 

Choreography: Suchitra-Banu. 

Art director : is by Chinna. 

Dialogues: Vamsikrishna Akella. 

Co- director: Vijay Chukka. 

Story,screenplay, director: Raajkiran. 

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Dir- #Raajakiran of ‘Geethanjali’ & ‘Tripura’ fame 

Music- @anuprubens 

Prod-Madhavi A, Rajinikanth S & Phani T