Avika Gor Exclusive Interview

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Avika Gor Exclusive InterviewAvika Gor Exclusive Interview

Avika Gor , who gained fame and huge fan following in Tollywood with her debut movie ‘Uyyala Jampala’  is now riding high on the success of her recent release ‘Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki’. Businessoftollywood.com team had a chit chat with her,

Few words about you and your family

I was born in mullund in Mumbai, on 30th June 1997. I am doing my Intermediate Second Year now. I am the only child of my parents. My father is into investments and my mother is a naturopathy doctor.

Your entry in to acting

I was eight year old when i was dancing in a mall in Mumbai, somebody told my dad ‘Aap isko actor kyu nahi Karathe’(why don’t you make her an actor). My dad told ‘Ab batao karna hoga tho karlenge’(Tell me If you feel so We will make her an Actress). The next day we got a call  for some photo shoot . After that i did six serials in two years. I was ten when i did ‘Balika Vadhu’ serial.

Being from North India you got a chance to act in a Telugu movie.How this happened?

Since a long time I was searching for an entry in Film acting., People around me, who have seen my ambition in acting in movies have apread this message.. There were many Hindi , Tamil, Gujarathi and even Rajasthani film offers which came up to me. I have not accepted these offers ,main problem being  the stories which demanded some scenes, which I am not interested  to do. I was popular here because of ‘Balika Vadhu’ Telugu version serial(Chinnari Pelli Koothuru) and that is the reason  for this offer and as the story of Uyyala Jampala  is very much suitable to my age i accepted the offer immediately.

your opinion about Tollywood

Its an amazing place of entertainment, because if you see any Hindi movies like Kick, Wanted and Ghajini, who are all are remakes of south films, all these movies are really liked by north people, all of them are really appreciated. The best part about Tollywood is I think ‘The Fans’ , the way they treat any actor is amazing, For example if you talk about Pawan Kalyan he has the maximum amount of fan following in the whole world,  I must say, because they are crazy about Pawan Kalyan. Best part about Tollywood is the fan following.

You have more than 8,000 like in your twitter account what is your feeling about it?

I really thank all the people who are following me because it’s a really nice feeling when so many people are following you, commenting on your uploads, Its amazing to get reviews.

In comparission  with others of your age, the things you feel proud about yourself and the things you miss

There is one thing which i really feel proud and happy about  that is I am not living an ordinary life. I have many friends who are trying hard to pursue their goals like in Cricket, Swimming and many more other fields. Everybody has different goals and I have started pursuing my goal at a very early age and I feel proud about that at the age of seventeen, i can say that i am in this industry and working in this industry successfully from last nine years. So that really makes me feel very proud.This year my schedule is very hectic, but i have planned my schedule for next year in such a way that i get enough holidays and do not wan t to compromise on my health as well.

What is your favourite dress and how did you feel about the dressing style in south?

I like the traditional way of dressing. I really like the Rajasthani getup i wore in the serial ‘Balika Vadhu’, I like wearing traditional things because in normal life i don’t think i can ever wear skirt and shorts. I am not comfortable with them. My comfortable dresses are  kurtiy,gagras or saree I would like to wear .The perfection of wearing a saree i learned from here. I used to wear sarees in the shows, but we have never maintained that kind of perfection, we never used that kind of materials and big borders. All these are really missing there in north.

You act in both small screen and silver screen, the differences you find while in acting in these  two

Both are very different, there is nothing which is similar in them. In TV serials every week you are making a film and here it is 40 to 45 days schedule. It is really very difficult to compare them.

 Tell us about your co-star Naga Shourya in your ready for release movie ‘Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki’

He is very hardworking, I would say very dedicated actor, because there are many actors, who do not read the scripts, here there is nothing like that. It is very fortunate that i have workied  with someone who is so passionate about his work and it was like a great support.

Tell us about Nandyala Ravi ,the director of the movie ‘Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki’

It is really amazing to have such an enthusiastic director who loves his project, which in his opinion a dream project. It is amazing to work with someone who is so much involved in and i am very much happy with it.

The five things you always carry

My Cellphone, My Laptop, My pet Shiroo, My Headphones as i love music a lot and i think i should add one girly thing my Lip-balm.