Black Money Movie Trailer Review

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Black Money Movie Trailer Review

Tollywood’s latest upcoming film titled ‘ Black Money’ starring Mohan Lal and Amala Paul in the main leads is being dubbed from Malayalam. This film is getting ready to hit the screens on 21st April 2017. Joshi is the director. Rateesh Vegha composed music. Syed Nizamuddin is the producer on Majin Movie Makers Banner. The run time of this theatrical trailer is two minutes thirty seconds (02:30).

The trailer starts with romance between the Super Star Mohan Lal and the gorgeous Amala Paul with the song ‘Andamaina Pedavule’.  It continues with Mohan Lal’s dialogue ‘Rendu Bhayankara Maina Samasyalu Unnayi, Okati Nee Cooking, Rendu Naa Paata’. Later continues with the dialogue ‘Nuvvu Chachave, Praanam Tho Unna Dayyanivi Nuvvu’, where Mohan Lal slaps Amala Paul in front of many people. Later the trailer continues with the dialogue ‘Black Money Ni MarchuKundamani Nalla Kuberulu Prayathnistunte, Vaala Avasaranni Cash Chesukuntunnaru Kondaru Dagulbaaji’, later continues with ‘Black Money Ni Tama Adhikaram Tho White Gaa Marusthunna Bank Manger Bagotanni Oka Vyakthi Naa Mobile Camera Loni Record Chesadu’.The trailer ends with the dialogue ‘ Bharata Desama Lo Chatta Sabhalo Pravesinchadaniki, Rajakiyalani Sashinchadaniki Nithika Viluvalaki Baduluga Anaithikanga Arahata Leni Vaaru Dhana Balam Tho Padavulani Konalanukuntunna Sathyani Ippudu Meeru CHoodabotunnaru’.

Analasyis:-The trailer is good. The story is about black money and also how the big and influenced people using their black money in illegal affairs and also about the people who are helping them in doing this. Mohan Lal is awesome in his performance. Amala Paul is looking pretty. The directional part is good and the message what the director Joshi wants to convey regarding the black money in the country  through this film is good. The dialogues are impressive. Background score is good.