C/O Kancharapalem Movie Release in September

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C/O Kancharapalem Movie Release in September


‘C/O Kancharapalem’ movie getting dressed up for a release on 7th September 2018.

Everyone’s been raving about how director Venkatesh Maha has managed to keep things real and simple, which is being called the essence of the film that portrays the nativity in an excellent manner.

Praveena Paruchuri,Subba Rao, Radha Bessey, Kesava K, Nithya Sree, Praneetha Patnaik, Karthik Rathnam, Mohan Bhagath, Vijaya Praveena Paruchuri,Kishore Kumar Polimera are in the cast.

Music is by Sweekar Agasthi. Cinematography is by  Aditya Javvadi and Varun Chaphekar

Produced by New York-based cardiologist Dr Vijaya Praveena Paruchuri, the film is an honest rendition of four stories that unfold in the humble neighborhood of Kancharapalem. So much has the anthology managed to impress everyone, that Suresh Productions, one of Indian’s leading production house has taken the film under its wings with Rana Daggubati set to present it as well.