Director Gunasekhar Birthday Today

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Director Gunasekhar Birthday TodayGunasekhar

Gunasekhsar is a noted film Tollywood director born on 2nd June 1964 in Tamil Nadu.

Today is the birthday of Gunasekhar who is completing 53. extends its birthday greetings to this hard working director.

He started his film career as a director with the film “Laati” in 1992. He had given block buster movies like “Ramayanam”, “Okkadu”, “Manoharam”, “Choodalani Unddi” and “Rudramadevi”. He also received many awards. He introduced Jr.N.T.R as a child actor with the film “Ramayanam” in 1995.

Filmography of Gunasekhar:-
1.Laati (1992).
2.Sogasu Chooda Tharama (1995).
3.Ramayanam (1997).
4.Choodalani Vundi (1998).
5.Manoharam (2000).
6.Mrugaraju (2001).
7.Okkadu (2003).
8.Arjun (2004).
9.Sainikudu (2006).
10.Varudu (2010).
11.Nippu (2012).
12.Rudramadevi( 2015).

‘Gunasekhar is busy with preperation of script for his next movie ‘Prathaparudrudu’.

Awards Received By Gunasekhar:-

National Film Award for Best Children’s film “Ramayanam” in 1997.

Nandi Awards:-

1.Best Feature Film ‘Sogasu Chooda Tharama’ in 1995.
2.Best Feature Film ‘Manoharam’ in 2001.
3.Best Feature Film ‘Okkadu’ in 2003.
4.Best Director for ‘Okkadu’ in 2003.

Film fare Award:-
Film fare award (South-2003) as best director for the movie ‘Okkadu’

Honored with K V Reddy Award for his contributions to Telugu cinema in December 2015.