Donga Prema Movie Audio Launched

Published On: January 17, 2014   |   Posted By:

Donga Prema movie audio launchedDonga Prema movie audio launched

‘Donga Prema’ movie with the tagline ‘Illegal Affairs’,starring Jai Aakash, Kushi Mukerjee and Kavitha Chatarjee in the lead roles, audio was launched on 16th January at Film Chamber, Hyderabad. Jai Aakash is the director.Dinesh Mandy is the producer. Suman Juupudi has composed music.

The audio was launched by producer Dinesh Mandy’s well wisher and entrepreneur Manoj Agarwal and first CD was received by Jai Aakash. Bekkam Venugopal, Kishore Kumar, Naresh, Alekya and Ashok Vadlamudi have attended the event. Producer told that “ Hero cum director Jai Aakash has completed the movie with in the planned budget and I thank him for this “.

Everyone attended the event wished the team, a big success.