Fuluknama Das Movie 2nd Look Released

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Fuluknama Das Movie 2nd Look Released

The second look of actors VishwakSen’s second look poster is released.

VishwakSen who acted in different concept-oriented films such as Vellipomake, Ee Nagaraaniki Emaindi is now debuting as a director.

He is now acting and directing “Faluknuma Das” which is being produced by Karate Raju under Vanmaye creations in association with VishwakSen cinemas and Theranova Pictures.

This is a mass commercial entertainer and the entire film is based on Hyderabad backdrop. Saloni Mishra, Harshitha Gowr, Prashanthi will be the female leads in the film and entire shoot will be wrapped up within three days.

Tharun Bhasker who directed Pellichupulu, Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi played a crucial role in the film.

FalaknamaDas put their heart while working and the product is beyond our expectations.  We’ve released first look of FalaknamaDas today on Christmas Eve. Other details will be released very soon.” 

Cast: VishwakSen, Saloni Mishra, Harshitha Gowr, Prashanthi and Tharun Bhaskar in a special role. 

Production: One Maye Creations, VishwakSen Cinemas, Theranova Pictures, Producer: Karate Raju. Cinematographer: Vidhyasagar Chintha.Original Sound Tracker (Music): Vivek Sagar. Editor: Raviteja. Lyrics: Kittu Vishhapragada, Bhaskarabatla, Suddala Ashok Teja. Sound Designer: Sachin, DI Suresh Ravi. Costume Designer: Raagaa Reddy. Art: Akhila Pemmasaani, Sanjay Das. Sound Mixing: Aravind Menon. Executive Producer: Sandeep CH. Director: Vishwak Sen