Hyderabad Fiction Film Win Golden Riyal Bengal Award

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Hyderabad Fiction Film Win Golden Riyal Bengal Award

SUMMER RHAPSODY, a 20 minute fiction film from Hyderabad, wins ‘Golden Royal Bengal Tiger Award’ for ‘Best Indian Short Film’. 

The festival is organised by the govt of West Bengal with an intention to continue the rich cinematic legacy left by Satyajit Ray and Rithwik Ghatak.

The festival’s 25th edition was inaugurated by shahrukh khan and saurav ganguly and was held from 8th to 15th November in Kolkata. West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee has presented the award to Shravan katikaneni. The award carries a prize money of 5 lakhs.

SUMMER RHAPSODY is about an 8-year old boy who has to help his mother in their field by taking care of his newborn sister. For company he has a buffalo, a scarecrow and an uninvited bird. As the bright and breezy summer afternoon whispers gently, the bored boy not only has to entertain himself but also his little sister resulting in a rhapsody of ideas. The film has only 2 dialogues and incidentally one is “JAI TELANGANA”.

Shravan katikaneni primarily works in telugu cinema as an editor. He edited award winning feature films like ‘Gamyam’, ‘Vedam’ and his latest edit is AANANDO BRAHMA. In 2015, Shravan produced and directed a Documentary  film titled ‘Chronicles  of a Temple Painter’ which won Best Indian Documentary award at International Documentary Film Festival Of Kerala (IDSFFK), organised by government of Kerala.   

Summer Rhapsody is produced by Gnana Shekar V S on his Kali Productions banner. He is a well known Cinematographer in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi cinema, who shot VEDAM, MANIKARNIKA, MALLI MALLI IDHI RAANI ROJU and NTR.

Music director Vivek Sagar who composed for ‘Pelli Choopulu’ has scored a 50 second track which ends the film on a mellifluous note. 

8 year old Poorna Bodha Molugu has played the lead role. He is a winner of Telangana Sangeeth Natak Academy’s best child actor award for the stage play titled ‘Kali Kaalam’.