Interview with Director Maruthi

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Interview with Director MaruthiInterview with Director Maruthi team had the opportunity of meeting the Popular Director Maruthi in his Office.BOT had an interesting interview which went on like this.

When asked about his background

Mr.Maruthi Replied: – I am from machilipatam and my mother and father stay there only.i am from a poor family.i used to do number plate snickering work and simultaneously continued my education.the family was dependent on my income

When asked how and when he developed passion for movies

Maruthi said :- I came to Hyderabad for learning animation work in the year 1998.Slowly with my passion towards cinema I entered Tollywood. While learning animation I worked for the movie Anji for producer Shyam Kumar Reddy by making hoardings,mostly related to art.

When asked that what made him to direct a movie

Maruthi said:- My entry was with hard work and determination to do something for the movies.I never worked under any director as an assistant director or associate director.
First I Started my filmy career as distributor,with the developed contacts I became the co-producer for the movie ‘A Film By Aravind’ liking the story.This film taught me how difficult and expensive is the film production.So I kept my self away from movies for some time.The movie A Film By Aravind(2005) was appreciated by all without monitory benefits.
I took 7 years after that to make a film under my direction.In this gap I was busy in making Ad Films.I designed the flag, Publicity material and other publicity leaflets for Chirnjeevi gari Praja Rajyam Party.
He said that he never tried for directorial opportunities prior to directing the super hit low budget movie ‘Ee Rojullo’.

When asked why he took gap as director after EE Rojullo and Bus Stop,Mr.Maruthi said that all the 4 movies “EE Rojullo,Bus Stop,Prema Katha Chitram,Kttha Janta came in 2 years time,with 6 months work for each movie.I relaxed for six months and going to direct a movie with Nani in the main lead.But during these 6 months gap I worked for the movie Lovers.He said that he is busy with script, story and preparing dialogues for his upcoming movie with Nani which looks like going on to floors in February.

When asked about the movie Titled Radha with Venkatesh in the lead role,Maruthi said that The story he briefed Venkatesh Looked to Similar to another writer’s story,So to make changes it takes time.meanwhile Venkatesh worked for the movies Drushyam and Gopala Gopala.
He also said that he actually directed the movie Premakatha Chitram with mentioning J.Prabhakar Reddy as director.

When asked about the difference in directing his own project and directing Kottha Janta by Allu Aravind, Maruthi said that he had the much freedom in directing Kottha Janta and his original story was filmed without any corrections or suggestions by producer.

BOT asked the reasons for the favoritism shown for his movie music director JB,

Mr.Maruthi said that he is his good friend and wanted to encourage his friend.But for his upcoming movie with Nani there may be a Change in Music director as per the discretion of the producers.

Maruthi was asked about his measures on movie expenditure he said that he prepares the script keeping in mind the expenses and said that he will not cross the original budget.

Asked about the Publicity he said that basing on the size of the movie,the publicity amount varies.

When asked about difference in the Early Telugu Movies and present movies,Maruthi immediately said that old movies had stories but present movies are basing on the characters.Even these days if importance is given to strong stories he said that good movies will automatically come .

Mr.Maruthi when asked about his favorite directors he said that Jandhyala,Vamsi are the directors he likes the most.He said that he likes the dialogues of Trivikram Srinivas.

When asked about the change in attitude of exhibitors giving more screen space for the small film, Mr.Maruthi said that the released trailers and the good story of small films are responsible for being encouraged by Exhibitors.

Bot asked him why the producers are spending 100 crores for some movies,Mr.Maruthi said that to show the World that Tollywood can also make Technically improved Movies.High budget movie around Rs.50 crores are more,only director like Rajamouli can succeed since he can market those movies.

Mr.Maruthi has concluded stating that more strong story based movies are to be made.

He said that he is preparing scripts and stories and waiting for the right time to transfer them into celluloid.