Interview with Music Director Viswa

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Interview with Music Director ViswaInterview with Music Director Viswa

Music director Viswa who has written and sung more than 150 songs in Tollywood and has done music direction for five movies is a person who believes that what you feel deep within will manifest in your life. He has written and sung the title songs of Athadu, Pokiri and Dookudu, and even his songs Dhaga Dhaga Merise from Lakshmi, You rock my world from Arya, Dole Dole from Pokiri, Chal Chal from Happy, Chiguru Boniya from Teen maar and Padithinammo from Nenu Naa Rakshasi, in addition to this he is a music director for five films- Hyderabad Nawabs, Police Police, Nenu Na Rakshasi, Mangala and Kshatriya. team presents an exclusive interview of the music director Viswa, to give the Telugu film lovers an insight into his life.

Tell us about yourself

Born in Hyderabad on 11th April 1974. My father Satyanarayana Sarma is a retired BHEL employee and my mother Vara Lakshmi is a housewife. I have studied in BHEL Higher Secondary School till plus two and then done my Mechanical Engineering from SRKR College in Bhimavaram and later married to Padmavathi, who is a MBA graduate.

Did you undergo any formal training in vocal or instrumental music?

I did not take any formal training in vocal music but I have learned guitar and keyboard. Due to the guidance of Mani Sharma and other well versed musicians and my passion towards music made me learn a lot.

Which famous musicians do you admire?

I admire top notch musicians like Saluri Rajeswara Rao, Pendyala Nageswara Rao, Ghantasala, Ilayaraja and Michael Jackson.  I am very much inspired by their music.

What was your first musical album?

Years of passionate hard work led to the release of my first music album Masti, for which I was the composer and the lyricist. After seeing my passion for music Mani Sharma gave me a chance to make my own musical album. He supported me with singers, a studio and other logistics and Masti is the result. That eventually led me becoming a music director for films; starting off with Hyderabad Nawabs.”

What is your first movie as music director and till now for how many movies you have done music direction?

My first movie as music director is Hyderabad Nawabs and till now I have composed music for five movies. ‘Hyderabadi Nawabs’ ‘Police Police’ ‘ Mangala’ ‘Nenu Na Rakshasi’ and ‘Kshatriya’ .The audio of ‘Kshatriya’ movie is released recently and the movie is ready for release.

Do you follow any particular style while composing music and what is the secret behind multi tasking?

“It is my inner call. It is there in every person; what they do in their life is a manifestation of what is deep within them.” Once I finish a song, I detach myself completely from that as I believe clinging onto something or having personal favorites hinders creativity.

Which work gave you more satisfaction as a lyricist, singer or music director?

I do not see them separately as all are interrelated to each other the song which everyone listens is like the combination of all these things so it should be accepted by director first and then received well by the audiences.

What is your strength as a musician?

I feel that my strong liking for the music and my interest in music and my pursuit to always learn more and explore more about music are my strengths as a musician.

Now-a-days music of the movie is playing a major role in its success, what is your opinion about that?

Not only music, I feel that all the 24 crafts are equally important in the making of a movie.

How do you update yourself with the changing trends?

I do not believe in trend. I always listen to my heart and feel the music. As long as we present soulful music we need not follow trends.

Among today’s singers whom do you like most and how do you choose a singer?

Choosing singers is a challenging task as I have to keep in mind factors like their ability to sing and the producer’s ability to pay. Hema Chandra, Sravana Bhargavi and Anushka are among my favorite singers.

Tell us about persons who inspired you in your life?

Chaganti Koteshwara Rao and Samvedam Shanmuka Sharma’s preaching’s inspires me a lot.

Tell us about the awards you got?

My awards include

Big FM best lyrics award in 2011 for the title song of Dookudu;

Radio Mirchi Most Played Song award for three years (2006, 2007, 2008) in a row for the title song of Athadu tille song, Dole Dole from Pokiri and Chamka Chamka from Chirutha;

Big FM most played song 2011-Padithinammo from Nenu Naa Rakshasi;

Tell us about the movies in which you have done dubbing?

I have given my voice as a dubbing artist to many stars like Rahul Dev in Simhadri, Pasupathi in Nenunnanu, Kaatraj in Chatrapathi, Jackie Shroff in Shakti, Prabhu in Bejawada and opening voice over in ‘Damarukam’ movie.

Which is your favorite song in your upcoming movie ‘Kshatriya’?

My favorite song in ‘Kshatriya’ movie is ‘Chamak Chamak’ which was sung by Hera Chadra and Gayatri as it had good experiments in the composition of the song.

Tell us about your upcoming projects

I am working as a music director for a movie directed by Ravi Sharma, and also with producer K.S.Rama Rao in his home production and also making a fusion album of my own.



Interview with Music Director Viswa

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