Keshava Movie Review

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Keshava Movie ReviewKeshava-Movie-Ugadi-Wishes-Wallpaper

Banner:- Abhishek Pictures                                                                                                                 Release date:-19.05.2017                                                                                                                   Censor rating:-“U/A”                                                                                                                       Cast:- Nikhil, Ritu Varma                                                                                                                   Directed by:- Sudheer Varma                                                                                                                 Music:- Sunny M R                                                                                                                         Producer:- Abhishek Aggarwal,Abhishek Nama                        

Nizam Distributors:-Asian Enterprises                              

Duration:-116:22 Sec


Story begins with the accident of Keshav(Nikhil) family. The mistry begins with the serial muder’s of the police officers who killed Keshav parents. He kill’s everyone showing great attention. But his childhood friend Sathya Bhama(Rithu Varma) gets doubt on Keshav activities and gets clarity by asking him. By the situation, This case is handovered to the IPS officer Sharmila Mishra(Isha Koppikar). How Sharmila investigated the case. Did Keshav suspected as a culprit should be seen on the silver screen.


Nikhil Acting



Slow Narration

Second Half

Rating:- 2.5/5



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