Kittu Unnadu Jagrattha Movie Review

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Kittu Unnadu Jagrattha Movie ReviewKittu-Unnadu-Jagrattha-Movie-Release-in-March

Banner:- A K Entertainments

release date:-03.03.2017

Censor rating:-“U/A”

Cast:- Raj Tarun, Anu Emmanuel,Arbaaz Khan

Directed by:- Vamsi Krishna

Story:- Vamsi Krishna

Screenplay:- Vamsi Krishna

Dialogues:-Sai Madhav Burra

Music:- Anup Rubens

Cinematography:- B.Rajasekhar

Editing:-M R Varma

Producer:- Sunkara Ramabrahmam

Run Time:-137 minutes duration


Kittu (Raj Tharun)  is the owner of a car garage and kidnaps the dogs for clearing the interest for a  reason. He loves Janaki (Anu Emmanuel) who is the daughter of the Income Tax Commissioner (Naga Babu). Janaki’s father instructs her to leave a bag of Rs.25 Lakhs at Kittu’s garage to know about his honesty. The bag was stolen by his friend on the same day. So, he takes money from the local rowdy to give her back. But she breaksup the love with Kittu because he kidnaps the dogs. After several reasons Kittu kidnaps the dog which belongs to Janaki by mistake and at the same time Janaki was kidnaped by the Mafia Don AR (Arbaaz Khan) to get the access card from the Janaki father and the story ends with  several twists.

Why Kittu kidnaping the dogs and why AR kidnaped the Janaki for access card must be watched  on the silver screen.



Comedy track


Weak story line

Weak music

Rating:- 2.25/5