Manchu Vishnu’s Doosukeltha Movie Review

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Manchu Vishnu's Doosukeltha Movie Review

Manchu Vishnu’s Doosukeltha Movie Review

Movie Title :- Doosukeltha
Banner :- 24 Frames Factory
Release date :- 17.10.2013
Censor Rating :- U/A
Movie Duration :- 158 miniutes
Cast :- Manchu Vishnu, Lavanya Tripahi, Brahmanandam, Ali, KotaSrinivasa Rao,Raghu Babu, Nagineedu, Rao Ramesh, Hema, Annapurna, Ahuthi Prasad.
Directed by :- Veeru Potla
Music by :- Mani Sarma
Cinematography:- Sarvesh Murari
Editing By :- Marthand K Venkatesh
Producer :- Mohan Babu

Plot: Chinna (Manchu Vishnu) is an intelligent and witty guy who has a solution for every little problem. Wanting to become a journalist, he approaches a popular media channel where he is asked to uncover all he can about a certain bad guy in the city. In the process he gets into troubles and lands up in a hospital. Alekhya (Lavanya) works as a doctor at this hospital and Chinna falls for her. Eventually he manages to get her to fall in love with him as well. Soon he learns that Alekhya is in troubles and that her whole family is against her and also shockingly, that he is held responsible for this.

The rest of the movie will have you discovering what it is about his past that got Alekhya into troubles and how the duo go to her house and manage to win back the hearts of the family members of Alekhya.

Review:  Manchu Vishnu seems to have decided that comedy is the one thing that he is best at as the entire movie just like his previous movies, Dhee and Denikaina ready is entirely filled with comedy. Vennela Kishore and Bramhanandam play a major role in bringing about all the humor and Vishnu’s perfect comedy timing and satirical dialogues add to it.

Director Veeru Potla who has done an okay job with Bindaas and Ragada has done an appreciable job this time. Lavanya Tripathi did an impressive job although the performance was not as outstanding as her last film Andala Rakshasi. Mani Sharma did a very good job with the background score but the songs were just okay. Veeru Potla has done a good job as a dialogue writer.

Bottomline: It makes for a good family entertainer and can be watched once over the weekend.

Rating: 3/5