Mister Movie Theatrical Trailer Review

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Mister Movie Theatrical Trailer Review

Preview:-  Tollywood’s latest upcoming flick ‘ Mister’ starring Varun Tej, Lavanya Tripathi, Hebah Patel in the main leads is getting ready for it’s grand release on 14th April 2017. Srinu Vaitla is the director. Mickey J Meyer composed the musical score. Nallamalapu Srinivas (Bujji) and Tagore Madhu are the producers on Lakshmi Narasimha Productions Banner. The run time of this trailer is two minutes fourteen seconds (02:14).

Trailer Talk:- The trailer starts with entrance of Chai (Varun Tej) and Meera (Hebah Patel) with Varun’s dialogue ‘ Eppudaina Mee Life Lo Rewind Chesi Highlight chesi Choosukunte Ee Three Hours Clear Gaa Kanipistayi’. It continues with the dialogue ‘ Are You Telugu, Haan Ela Kanipestesarandi’.The trailer then continues with the entrance of Lavanya Tripathi with a puppy in her hand with Prthvi’s dialogue ‘Intaki Nee Perento’ and continues with Lavanya Tripathi’s dialogue ‘Chandramukhi’. later continues with “Vaadu Meera Ki Snehitudu Maatrame Kaadu Antaku Minchi Edo Vaadi Kallalo Kanipistundi’. Continues with some action scenes and then continues with comedy sequence between Shakalaka Shakar and Pruthvi with the dialogues ‘ Ikkada Maamsahaaram Nissiddam, Mari Mandu, Bandu, Mandu Taasgakunda Mutton Tinakunda Ela Batukutaaru Raa, Meerasalu Manushu Laa Pasuvulaa’. It continues with Chai’s (Varun Tej) dialogue ‘Nee Yedava Ee PokimonBommatho Raasina Love Letter Icchi Aa Ammayini Padagottala’, ‘ Yevado Raasina Text Books Chadivi Exams Pass Avvatla’.Continues with a dance sequence with Nasser’s dialogue ‘Dabbu Sampada Lo Bhaagam Maatrame, Nijamaina Sampada Prema Anuragalu’. Later the trailer continues with Lavanya Tripathi’s dialogue ‘ Chai Okkadu Todugaa Unte Chaalu Vandamandi Sianyam Laa Kaapadutaadu’. Continues with some action scenes. The trailer ends with the dialogue ‘ Jeevitham Manani Chaala Chotlaki Teesukeltundi, Kaani Prema Jeevitham Unna Chotuke Teesukoni Veltundi’.

Analysis:- The trailer is impressive. It is expected to be a triangular love story with equal amounts of family sentiment, comedy, romance and also action. Varun Tej is looking smart and handsome. His dialogue delivery is good. Lavanya Tripathi is will be seen in the role of a innocent village girl, she is looking very beautiful in those half sarees and her expressions are good. Hebah Patel is playing the role of a modern girl,who is in love with Varun Tej, She is looking very pretty. Mickey J Meyer has provided a good background score. The directional part is quite impressive. All the actors had done a good job.