Must See Telugu Movies 3

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Must See Telugu Movies 3 is presenting the list of movies which can never be missed viewing.We are presenting the list continuously with 5 movies a day. This we are doing to enable true movie lovers to view these movies if they have not done so. The list is a mixture of old,recent and very recent movies. These are the Must See Telugu Movies.

11. Bobbiliyuddham(1964)
Cast:- NTR,SVR,Bhanumathi,Jamuna,Rajanala,Mukkamala,Sitaram
Directed by:- C Sita Ram
Music :- S Rajeswara Rao
Producer :- C Sitaram
Banner :- Republic Productions

12. Bhakthakannappa(1976)
Cast :- Krishnam Raju,Vanisri,Rao Gopala Rao,Mukkamala
Directed by :- Bapu
Music:- Sathyam
Producer:- U Suryanarayana Raju
Banner :- Gopi Krishna Movies

13. Bangarupapa(1954)
Cast:- Jaggaiah,SVR,Krishnakumari,Jamuna,Ramana Reddy
Directed by:- B N Reddy
Music:- A Rama Rao
Producer:- B N Reddy
Banner :- Vahini Pictures

14. Bangarupanjaram(1969)
Cast:- Sobhan Babu,Vanisri,Sriranjani
Directed by:- B N Reddy
Music :- S Rajeswara Rao & B Gopalam
Producer:- B N Reddy
Banner :- Vahini Pictures

15. Bhookailas(1958)
Cast :- NTR, ANR, SVR, Nagabhushanam,B Saroja Devi
Directed by :- K Shankar
Music:- R Govardhana,R Sudarsanam
Producer:- A V Maiyappan
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