Nandyala Ravi Exclusive Interview

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Nandyala Ravi Exclusive InterviewNandyala Ravi Exclusive Interview

The had a free time with Nandyala Ravi,the debutant director of the movie’Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki’.

Few words about you and your studies

Born on 26th June 1981 at Gapavaram village in west Godavari district of AP.I was brought up in Palakollu.I did a diploma course in Civil engineering.Friends advised me to go to Hyderabad since there are more opportunities for Civil.The interest in cinema and my writing skills made me a movie writer.

The entry point in movies

Entered the Tollywood as a writer writing dialogues for the movies,”Pandem”,”Asadhyudu”,Siva Manasulo Sruthi”(SMS-Sudheer Babu debut movie).

Your travel with directors in the initial stages of your entry in films

I have worked with almost all popular directors except Rajamouli and Puri Jagannadh.Wanted to work with the director srinu Vaitla,but it was not materialized.I have worked for most of the films of senior director Vamsi and Krishna Vamsi.

The support that made him a movie director?

I Have worked for almost all the movies of producer M.Ramesh as writer and assistant director.

Once I had been to K.Raghavendra Rao garu for my story telling.Mr.Rao was very much impressed with my style of story briefing and advised me to go for direction.Encouraged by his words,faith in my writing skills and the technical experience gained being in the field for 13 years I wanted to turn towards direction.

Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki movie story was briefed to an hero(I do not want to disclose his name) who gave 4 names of producers to try as director with the story which he liked.Prior to Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki’ movie I directed an unfinished movie titled ‘Gammatthu’ with Varun Sandesh as hero which was shelved because of financial problems.

Producer Giridhar and the hero Naga Shourya were very much impressed with this story(Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki) and thus the project started with me as a debutant director.This is my dream story and wanted to present it on screen as an 100% family entertainer.

Asked about the Hero and Heroine of LRMI,he said

Avika Gor the heroine of the movie liked the story and satisfied with the remenuration and acted well in the role just like finishing a job.

The hero of the movie, Naga Shourya is very co-operative,hard working, performed the role well even working for many nights irrespective of the remuneration.He used to understand well that what I expected from him,used practice well and acted with devotion.

The support cast including Rao Ramesh moved like family members, supported me well and performed to my expectations.

Asked about the budget

Giridhar,the producer of Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki gave me a budget and I struggled to make the movie within the budget. Giridhar gave me a free hand and because of this I could make the movie more enjoyable and also with in the budget.

The most memorable Incident during Shooting.

An important scene to be shot on the hero and heroine at a temple which is located in the center of a pond in Koorg.The depth of the pond is 300 feet which known only to me.If this depth is known to the actors and technicians they will hesitate to work.So I kept it as a secret.First I reached the temple by a boat and they followed me since I reached the location.During the shooting time I was the only worried man and by God’s grace everything went on well.The tension I felt during that time is unforgettable and can be termed as my memorable moment in the shooting of Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki.

About the completion of 100 years in Telugu industry, 

Mr.Nandyala Ravi reacted stating that the direction in the past was like a home cooked food and the direction in the present cinema is like a fast food.

Pawan Kalyan is his favorite actor and Soundarya is his favorite actress. Vamsi and Krishna Vamsi are his favorite directors.

His Reaction about the Shooting of songs in foreign locales.

He is against the shooting in foreign locales.,Being an Indian,he loves the country which has many natural beautiful locations.Diredtors Mani Ratnam and K.Balachander are against shooting in foreign locales and he is following them.

Regarding the shooting schedules for Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki Movie he said that it was prolonged to 9 since the Heroine worked for 4 days in a month,which he has accepted since Avika Gor was apt for the role. From pre- production to post production he has taken 1 year to complete the movie.

Nandyala Ravi Final words about Telugu Cinema

He feels that publicity is the main weapon which will protect the producers.The story may be strong,the presentation my be marvelous but without publicity a movie can not survive in this competitive field.