Nenorakam Movie Trailer Review

Published On: March 15, 2017   |   Posted By:

Nenorakam Movie Trailer Review

Preview:- ‘Nenorakam ‘ is Tollywood’s latest upcoming film starring Sairam Shanakar, Reshmi Menon and Sarath Kumar in the main lead is all set to hit the screens world wide on 17th March 2017. Sudershan Sailendra is the director.Musiccomposed by  Mahith Narayan. Srikanth Reddy is the producer on Vibha entertainments Banner. The run time of this theatrical trailer is One minute one second (01:01).

Trailer Talk:- The trailer starts with the entrance of the hero Sairam Shankar and heroine Reshmi Menon with the dialogue ‘ Adi Baavundi Idi Baavuni Ani Kaadu Raa Ammayi Lo Anuanuvu Andamga Undali , Okka Mukkalo Cheppalante Aisi Ladiki Keliye KuchbhiKarsakte Baba’. It continues with some action scenes and with Saram Shankar’s dialogue ‘ Re Avadra Nuvvu’ and continues with the entrance of Sarath Kumar. It ends with the dialogue ‘ Nee Valla Naa Life Chanka Naaki Poyyindi, Life is beautiful Gaa Unna Naa Life, Life Of Pi Laa Tayarayyindi’.

Analysis:- The trailer is good. It is expected to be a Love story with action drama. Sairam Shankar’s  dialogue delivery is good. Reshmi Menon is looking beautiful. Background Score is good. The direction part is good.