Okkadu Migiladu Movie Review

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Okkadu Migiladu Movie Review


Movie title:- Okkadu Migiladu

Banners:-  Padmaja and New Empire Celluloid’s

Release date:-10.11.2017

Censor Rating:-“U/A”

Cast:- Manoj Manchu, Anisha Ambrose, Suhasini, Murali Mohan, Posani,Milind Gunaji, Ajay, Jennifer

Story:- Ajay Andrews Nuthakki

Screenplay:-Gopimohan,Ajay Andrews Nuthakki

Dialogues:- Ajay Andrews Nuthakki

Directed by:- Ajay Andrews Nuthakki

Music:- Shiva Nandigam

Lyricist:-Ramadurgam Madhusudan

Cinematography:-VK Ramaraju

Editing:-Karthika Srinivas

Art:-PS Verma

Producers:- SN Reddy, Laxmikanth N

Run Time:-141 minutes

These days periodical movies are accepted well by the audience. Okkadu Migiladu is also a periodical movie.Manchu Manoj played 2 roles.The movie is released today and let us have a look at the story.


Refugees from Sri Lanka are staying in Victor colony in Kakinada. 3 young girls from the University are killed by sons of a minister(Miland Gunaji) and show it as suicide.Student leader Surya(Manoj) knowing the truth starts fighting against the minister. Minister with influence tries to prevent in lodging  a case  against him by Surya and also plan to kill him. Suryaa with the help  of Constable Sivaji(Posani) and Journalist Swarna(Anisha Ambrose) reach to a safe place.Now Surya start narrating his past.Who is Surya.What is the relationship between Victor and Peter?To know this one has to see the movie on silver screens.

Manoj played both roles as Surya and Peter.One is an emotional type and the other is sober and gentle type. Manoj has done justice to the 2 roles he played. Full marks for Manoj’s expressions.All others have done well their given roles.The B G is good.Cinematography is not that impressive. Boat journey scene  in the 2nd half is very touching with high emotional acting by Manoj and its presentation on the screen.

Those who like emotional filled stories can watch and can enjoy.


Manoj action


The boat journey



No comedy


Rating:- 2.75/5