P S V Garuda Vega Movie Review

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P S V Garuda Vega Movie Review

Movie title:- P S V Garuda Vega

Banner:- Jyostar Enterprises

Release date:-03.11.2017

Censor Rating:-“U/A”

Cast:- Dr.Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar,Ali,Nassar,Posani Krishna Murali,Prudhvi,Kishore,Adith Arun

Story:-Praveen Sattaru

Screenplay:-Praveen Sattaru

Dialogues:-Niranjan Reddy

Directed by:- Praveen Sattaru

Music:- Sricharan Pakala,Bheems

Lyricists:-Bhaskarabhatla,K K.

Cinematography:- Anji, Gika Chelidze, Bakur Chikobava, Suresh Ragutu and Shyam.

Editing:-Dharmendra Kakarala

Art:-Srikanth Ramisetty

Stunts:-Nung, David Kubua and Satish

Producer:- M Koteswar Raju

Run Time:-160 minutes

Dr.Rajasekhar who was impressive with his police getup in the movies ‘Ankusam’ and ‘Magadu is back again after a long gap as NIA agent with the movie ‘P S V Garuda Vega’ released today,the 3rd November 2017.

The story starts from 2 different angles.The first one is that Niranjan(Adith Arun) wants to make cash by getting one Secret data. He gets escaped when few are after him to kill. He declares that he will give the secret data in a public place with a demand of Rs.25 crores.

Looking at the 2nd angle of the story NIA officer Sekhar(Dr.Rajasekhar) as part of his duty without informing his wife Swathi(Pooja Kumar) does the secret operations.While in a an operation he comes to know a dangerous truth. As part of his investigations Sekhar arrests Niranjan.There the story enters in to an interesting phase.One gang is after Niranjan and Sekhar to kill them. Sekhar saves Niranjan from the clutches of the gang and gets an important Truth.What is that truth?Who is Niranjan?Who is after Niranjan to kill him?Who is George? The answers for these questions are to be seen on the silver screen.

Dr.Rajasekhar repeated well with the role of a Police Offiesrwhich he has done before.He looks very energetic in action scenes.He balanced well the roles of an husband and  a Police officer.Pooja Kumar has played well as Rajasekhar’s wife. Kishore is very stylish as the villain.Posani Krishna Murali,Sayaji Shinde,Ali,Prudhvi,Ravi Varma have done justice to the roles they played. Praveen Sattarru,the director has prepared a strong interesting script and succeeded in presenting well the action scenes on the screen. % photographers have worked for the movie and given rich looks to this thriller. Bheems music especially the  BG is excellent.  This movie looks different from routine movies.So can enjoy the movie.If you feel like seeing a movie with fresh style of presentation,do not miss this.


Action by all actors



Back Ground score


Lack of comedy

The lengthy duration