Pantham Movie Review

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Pantham Movie Review


Movie title:- Pantham

Banner:- Sri Satya Sai Arts

Release date:-05.07.2018

Censor Rating:-“U/A”

Cast:- Gopichand, Mehreen Kaur Pirzada, Prithvi

Story:-K. Chakravarthi (Chakri)

Screenplay:-K. Chakravarthi (Chakri),KS Ravindra (Bobby)

Dialogues :-Ramesh Reddy

Directed by:-K. Chakravarthi (Chakri)

Music:- Gopi Sundar

Lyricist:-Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar

Cinematography :-Prasad Murella

Editing :-Praveen Pudi

Art:-A S Prakash

Producer:- KK Radhamohan

Run Time:-122 minutes duration

‘Pantham’ is the movie no.25 for T.Gopichand. The theme is rob and give to the needy. This film is a decider in Gopichand’s filmy career. How best he has done in his 25th movie and is going to succeed with a hit, to be critically viewed.  Let us have a look at the story.


Vikranth is a robber who master minds in robberies specially from the politicians.  He loots the politicians and their binami holders. He deposits this loot in a trust and through this distributes money to the needy. The major part of the robbery was done in home ministers residence. Home Minister Nayak(Sampath) orders for a probe for this big robbery. He is shocked to note that Vikranth is the man behind these robberies.  Why Vikranth targeted home minister.Is there any relationship between them.What made Vikranth to turn as a robber? What is the strong reason for these robberies? How he fell in love with Akshara(Mehereen)?Has he succeeded in reaching his goal? All these to be seen on the silver screen.

This a message oriented same old story. The plot is good but the director failed to show it in a better way on the screen.This is Chakri’s movie no.1 as director but tried his best to present the story in an attractive way. This is a message oriented movie but the message is not properly presented.There are lengthy dialogues  especially in Court Scenes.

Gopichand with his fresh look has done well the given role.he is impressive with his changed acting style.The chemistry between Gopichand and Mehreen is not apt. Mehereen has no much role to play. Comedy is good and gives relief in this serious action movie.

This looks like a mass action entertainer and may have decent run/ screening in B & C centers.



songs and B G score



rich production values


routine subject

routine direction

lengthy 2nd half

This is a routine political drama with a social message. Can be seen once this week end with families to see Gopichand’s fresh looks and his improved acting style

Rating :- 3/5