Patel S.I.R. Movie Teaser Review

Published On: May 2, 2017   |   Posted By:

Patel S.I.R. Movie Teaser Review

Preview:-  Tollywood’s latest upcoming film ‘Patel S.I.R.’ starring Jagapathi Babu in the main lead is getting ready to release in June 2017. Vasu Parimi  is the director. The musical score is provided by Dj Vasanth. Rajini Korrapti is the producer on Sai Korrapati Productions banner. The run time of this teaser is one minute and ten seconds (01:10).

Teaser Talk:- The teaser starts with the background dialogue Telisina Satruvulu Vanda Mandi Unna Paravaledu Kaani Teliyani Satruvu Okkadunna Pramadame’. It continues with the entrance of Jagapathi Babu and a small girl playing Violin with the background dialogue ‘Edo Krura Mrugam Daadi Chesinattu Undi, Idi Aata Veta’. Later continues with the dialogues ‘Evadra Nuvvu and Call Me SIR’ with an action sequence, then continues with the dialogue ‘ Patel Where Are You?’ . The trailer ends with Jagapathi Babu’s dialogue ‘ Avva Bujji Avva Bujji Aate Adeddam Alli Billi Alli Billi Paate Padeddam’.

 Analysis:-  The teaser is very violent. It is expected to be an action thriller where Jagapathi Babu will be seen in and as Patel S.I.R. His new hair style is good and his expressions are excellent, the dialogue delivery is awesome. Background score is good. The directional part is good, in some scenes , we really get horrified.