Raja The Great Movie Review

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Raja The Great Movie Review

Movie title:- Raja The Great

Banner:- Sri Venkateswara Creations

Censor Rating:-“U/A”

Cast:- Raviteja, Mehreen,, Radhika, Prakash Raj,Posani Krishna Murali,Srinivasa Reddy,Prudhvi

Story:-Anil Ravipudi

Screenplay:-Anil Ravipudi

Dialogues:-Anil Ravipudi

Directed by:- Anil Ravipudi

Music:- Sai Krathik

Lyricists:- Shyam Kasarla,Ramajogayya Sastry

Cinematography:-Mohana Krishna

Editing:- Thammi Raju.

Producer:- Dil Raju

Run Time:- 149 minutes duration

After a gap of 2 years Mass Maharaja Raviteja has come on to the screens with the movie “Raja The Great’ playing as a blind man.Every one wondered how Raviteja will play as an blind person. But he has not missed his mass image and in his usual style entertained with out interruption.


Raja,blind by birth was ambitious to become a police officer.His mother being in the Police department she puts on all efforts to get him in to her department.Since he does not have sight he could not become a Police officer. Though blind he was so intelligent that he could rise as a good Kabaddi player.

At this stage sincere Police Officer Prakash Raj gets transferred to Bhuvanagiri. He was killd In a  fight with the goondas.The villains who killed Prakash Raj plan to kill his daughter  Mehreen.  Mehereen escapes from the villains and goes to Darjeeling and hide in Rajendra Prasad house. The Department starts its operation to comb  Prakash Raj’s killers .Raja also start handling the same case. He goes to Darjeeling and try to attract Mehereen. The rest of the story is how Raja handles the case.This should be seen on the silver screen


There is no freshness in the story.Since the hero is shown as blind there is some difference in story .Raviteja played well the blind role and is quite impressive.His body language and other mannerisms are in his routine impressive style. Prakash Raj,Mehreen,Radhika,Posani Krishna Murali,Srinivasa Reddy,Prudhvi are impressive with their roles. The BG score by Sai Karthik is melodious.Cinematographer Mohana Krishna handled well the camera particularly in catching the Darjeeling beauty and the Kabaddi match.

Raviteja has come in to the theaters after 2 years gap as ‘Raja The Great’ playing a difficult Blind role.There is some entertainment for about 2 hours.So can be rated as once see movie with family during this Deepavali festival.


Raviteja performance

Comedy scenes

Emotional scenes



Nothing new in the story

Songs not that impressive

Run time looks prolonged