Super Sketch Movie Release in June

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Super Sketch Movie Release in June

The entire production processes  of the movie ‘Super Sketch’ are completed and is ready with its first copy,awaiting for Censor screening.

The producer has announced its release date as 29th June 2018.

The movie made on the concept of Justice is in action has Narsing,Indra,Sameer Dutt,Karthick,Chakri Maganti,Anika,Subhangi, Sophia,Gary Ton Toni, are in the cast.

Ravi Chavali of ‘Srimannarayana’,’Samanyudu’ movies fame is the director of this suspense thriller.
Musical score is by Karthik Kodakandla. Cinematography is by Surrender Reddy. Editing is by Junaid. Lyrics are penned by Subhash,Nayan,Injapuri,Priyanka. story,screenplay,dialogues and direction are by Ravi Chavali. Balaram Makkala is the producer on Sri Sukra Creations Productions Banner.