Venkatapuram Movie Review

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Venkatapuram Movie ReviewVenkatapuram-Movie-Trailer-Review

Movie title:-Venkatapuram
Banner: Good Cinema Group
Release date:-12.05.2017
Censor Rating:-“U/A”
Cast: Rahul,Mahima Makween, Ajay.
Director: Venu Madikanti.
Story:-Venu Madikanti
Screenplay:-Venu Madikanti
Dialogues:-Venu Madikanti
Music Director: Achu
Lyricists:- Ananth Sriram, Vanamali.
Cinematography:- Sai Prakash
Producers:- Shreyas Srinivas,Phani Kumar
Run Time:-129 mins

The story begins in Vizag, Anand(Rahul) who works as a pizza delivery boy. Then he meets Chaitra(Mahima) who lives in the same apartment, they become close friends. That turns his life totally. The twists arises when Chaitra involves in a huge troubles and that event pushes Anand into huge mess that involves Chaitra’s  murder and Anand is seen as a suspect.

Who killed Chaitra and how Anand get’s out from this situation is should be seen on silver screen.





Slow Narration

Rating:- 2/5