Actresses with golden heart

Published On: August 14, 2013   |   Posted By:

Samantha and Hansika

Actresses now-a-days are not only glamour dolls but they are more society conscious and want to do their best to help people around, among such actress stand Samantha and Hansika.

Samantha has started Pratyusha foundation for kids and women with the help of three doctor friends. She will auction her garments which she has worn at public functions to raise funds for her charity organization. In addition to that, she has promised to add co-stars costumes in auction to help children and women in the organization.

Hansika Motwani adopts an orphan child on her birthday every year, she has adopted 22 children till date and takes care of all their needs. This year on her birthday she even wanted to help some women who are suffering from breast cancer and she is taking care of 10 women who are suffering from breast cancer and providing them with the needed medical facilities.

So, we can tell that these actress have a golden heart also along with beauty. Young girls always try to dress like their favorite actress and imitate them, but they should also try to follow them in such good deeds they are doing.