Back Bench Student Movie Review

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Back Bench Student Review

Title:   Back Bench Student
Banner:   Shirdi Sai Combines
Release Date:   15-3-2013
Cast:   Mahath Raghavendra, Archana, Pia Bajpai
Direction:   Madhura Sreedhar Reddy
Movie Rating: 3/5

Review:   To begin with, “Snehagitam” followed by “Its my love story” & now “Backbench Student.” Madhura Sreedhar Reddy’s third movie as a director hits the big screens today. Watching the movie, you would never have known or guessed that its just his third movie. Thats how refined a movie it was. With an attention to detail and yet again experimenting with new comers, Sreedhar Reddy has pulled off an entertaining love story.

Pick an engineering student down your colony and ask him about his college life and girl friends,  and zoop, you have the story in front of you. The movie shows the lifestyle, attitude and career path of a common engineering student in Andhra Pradesh. It is the story of a back bench engineering student named Karthik (Mahath) who is street smart, energetic & loves to live life on the edge. Karthik falls in love with Priyanka (Archana), his classmate and they end up spending most of their college life together. As most of the real life love stories even this couple has to part ways as Priyanaka takes up a master’s course in the US while Karthik ends up failing in 16 of his subjects. Karthik, devastated and making an attempt to move on, meets Chaitra (Pia) and falls in love with her. Karthik, struggling to make a career finds solace in Chaitra. With a talent in hacking he finds a high paying job at Chaitra’s company. Both love stories & Karthik’s struggle are shown as a flashback when Priyanka comes back to India to spend the rest of her life with Karthik.

Who does he choose? How does he handle the situation? Its all worth a watch to know. Every engineering student will relate to it and is a must watch. Smart way of handling senior ragging, typical lifestyle in an engineering college, a true love story you have been in or heard of . You wouldn’t want to miss a big screen showcase of your own life.

Songs & Music: With a remix of few old numbers like ” jagada jagada jagadam.. chesedam” and “raja, rajathi rajathi raja” , one melody and couple of college mood songs, the music section is a full package. Each song is shown in a different backdrop.

Comedy: Director Madhura Sreedhar made a serious attempt to not deviate from the storyline and has not tried to commercialize comedy by imbibing comedy into the movie and the situations. The comedy line of the movie is of a new variety and different from what we usually see. There was a surprising twist in the end of the movie which was highlight of the comedy line of this movie.

Performances: The lead actor Mahat Raghavendra and Archana gave average performances. Actress Pia though, gave a very good performance by fitting herself into the character of Chaitra quite comfortably.

Bottomline: It is a must watch for all the engineering and masters students as they can connect with every scene in the movie while getting entertained.