Bad Boy Movie Review

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Bad Boy Telugu Movie

Title:   Bad Boy

Banner:   Studio Green

Release Date:  22-3-2013

Cast:   Karthi, Anushka shetty, Suman, Milind Soman, Santhanam, Visu

Director: Suraj

Movie Rating: 2/5

Review:  Karthi makes a comeback into  tollywood with yet another dubbed movie Bad boy. The movie is an adaptation of an 80’s story and is a commercial mass entertainer with lots of action and romance. Karthi plays an out and out action role with stunning action sequences through out the movie. The movie has a tried and tested story where there are a couple of bad boys with whom the hero has to fight with in the process rescuing the heroine. The movie, although did not fare very well in the tamil film industry might be  entertaining to telugu audience.

The movie starts of with a stunning fighting sequence in a train from which karthi and Anushka jump to stay in Santhanam’s house. There is plenty of comedy here with Santhanam who happens to be a friend of Karthi. He attempts to find out who Anushka is and ends up finding out that she is the daughter of the CM (played by visu).

Karthi is a thief who will be sent to kidnap Anushka by the two bad boys of the movie, Dr.GKM and Alvin Martin (played by Suman and Milind soman). They try selling illegal medicines and try to get the CM to sign on the papers by kidnapping his daughter. Karthi who learns why he was sent to kidnap Anushka when she tells him changes his mind and rescues her instead. Anushka falls for him and Karthi too falls in love with her eventually. The rest of the story revolves around his ordeal with the villains and you will have to watch to find out whether he will emerge as a winner.

Songs & Music: The music and the back ground score was composed by Devi Sri Prasad and the songs are full of life and peppy as always.

Performances: Karthi and Anushka gave good performances and the action sequences by Karthi are something that will definitely stand out in the movie. The comedy by Santhanam is outstanding and is one of the highlights of the movie. Suman and Milind Soman do very well in their stereo typical villain roles.

Bottomline: If you are fan of tamil movies and like Karthi’s dubbed movies especially, this movie may not reach up to the standards that he has set with his previous movies, but it is sure too keep you entertained.