Bunny and Cherry Audio Launch Live Feed

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Bunny and Cherry Audio Launch Live Feed

7:15 :- Bunny and Cherry audio launch have started.
7:20 :- Rocky and team are performing a comedy skit.
7:40 :- Sridhar and dance group are performing on a medley
7:50 :- Prince who is playing one of the lead role in the movie has just arrived, he is wearing casual black shirt and black jeans.
8:00 :- Bhimaneni Srinivas, Ramesh Puppala Bekkam Venugopal has arrived.
8:10 :- Then a different act named shadow act is presented for the audiences.
8:25 :-  Then an Audio Visual about Multidimensional banner was presented.
8:30 :- Sudheer Rao, production head of Multidimensional Entertainmet Pvt. Ltd. is requested on to the stage then Producer Bekkam Venugopal and Bhimaneni Srinivasarao were invited on to the stage to release the first song ‘ Ladki Tho Ladai..’. The first song was launched.
8:10 :- Bekkam Venugopal told that producer Haram Gani of this movie is close to him and this movie is with a good point and the movie will be success. Bhimaneni Srinivasarao also wished the team success.
8:20 :- Tanish and Mahanth has arrived.8: 8:25 :- Then Sridhar and dance troop are performing on the song ‘Ladki Tho Ladai..’.
8:30:- To launch second song Ramesh Puppala , Maruthi and producer SKM were invited on to the stage. ‘ Manasayana …’ song was released.
8:35 :- Then music director Vasanth and lyricist Karunakar were invited.
8:40 :- Then singers Anudeep and Lipsika are singing this song on the stage.

8:50 :- Then to launch third song TDP MLA T V Ramarao and Madhura Sridhar were invited and the third song ‘Yureka Takamikka..’ was launched.
8:55 :- Then Sridhar and dance troop is performing on stage on this song.

9:00 :-Then an A V on heroes of the movie Prince and Mahath was presented.
9:10 :- To launch the fourth song Producer Ambi Raju and Good Cinema Group Srinivasa Rao were invited and the song “Emo Etuvypo Payanam..’ was launched.
9:15 :- Singer Karthik is singing this song.
9:20:- Then a special act by Remo D X group was presented.
9:30 :- Then Fifth song was launched by Nandu, Tanish, Naveen and Harsh.
9:40 :- Geetha Madhuri and Karthik are presenting this song on stage along with Sridhar and dance troop performance.
9:50 :-To launch theatrical trailer Mahath, Prince, Sabha and Krithi were invited. Theatrical trailer was launched by them.
9:58 :-Then all the celebrities, Cast and Crew of the movie were invited on to the stage for audio launche.
9:59 :- Maruthi has released the audio CD and the first CD was given to Jabbar.
10:00 :- Everyone present wished the team success.
10:02 :- Producer and Director thanked everyone who attended the function.
10:04 :- All technicians were invited on to the share. The audio was released through Madhura Audio.