Chandamama Lo Amrutham by Gunnam Gangaraju

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Chandamama Lo Amrutham

Chandamama Lo Amrutham by Gunnam Gangaraju

‘Chandamama Lo Amrutham’ movie which is directed by Gunnam Gangaraju  is going to have 64 minutes of visual effects. This film is inspired from the super hit  TV episodes  ‘Amrutham’. Srinivas Avasarala, Harish, Vasu Inturi and Dhanya are playing lead roles in this movie. The film’s shooting has already completed and currently , the sound effects and re-recording work is going on.  A majority of the film’s story takes place in space and a special moon set was erected for this film. Director told that it is going to take another three months to wrap up the post production. Gunnam Gangaraju who earlier made ‘Little Soldiers’ movie is using such huge number of VFX shots for the first time.

Suchitra, Ahuthi Prasad, Chandramohan, Krishna Bhagavan, LB Sriram and Rao Ramesh are in the support cast.

Gunnam Gangaraju is the Director & producer on Just Yellow Media Banner. Music By Sri.