Chandi Movie Review

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Chandi Movie Review

Movie title :- Chandi
Banner :- Omics Creations
Release date :- 8.11.2013
Censor rating :- U/A
Movie duration :- 138 Minutes.
Cast :- Priyamani, Krishnam Raju, Sharath Kumar, Naga Babu, Ashish Vidyardhi,
Directed by :- V.Samudra
Music :- N R Shankar and Chinna
Cinematography by :-Vasu
Editing by :-Nandamuri Hari
Producer :- Dr. Srinu Babu G
Screen Watched :- Cinemax Inorbit Mall (10:15 AM show)

Chandi Movie Review:
The movie starts with Priyamani’s entry as Home Minister to her village to felicitate Alluri Sita Rama Raju’s statue and she starts thinking about her childhood and flashback. Then Rebel Star Krishnam Raju was introduced as her father and how she was inspired by her great grandfather Alluri Sita Rama Raju was shown and after titles the murder of the collector was shown and Priyamani has done this murder and Sharath Kumar was introduced as her trainee and after vigorous training and with Sharath Kumar guidance Chandi tries to correct many social aliments and does some serial murders but was caught by CBI officer Naga Babu , while escaping after killing a cop and after interval the main villain Ashish Vidyardhi remembers Chandi’s flashback and how he has sabotaged her family and village with the help of collector Vinod Kumar . Then Chandi calls him and challenges that she will kill him in her village and even tells that she will get back her village for her people. How did she fulfill her challenge is the rest of the movie to be watched on the silver screen.

Priyamani has acted well in action scenes and emotional scenes and some of her punch dialogues like ‘Samudram lo ala ni chudu, silent ga untadi..Tsunami ni chudaku, violent ga untadi’ were good. Krishnam Raju and Sharath Kumar  done their respective roles very well. Posani’s role and anthakshari of cops and gangsters were not impressive. Many problems prevailing in the society were projected and how villagers are being cheated and becoming homeless with SEZ’s was the center point of the movie.


Rating:- 2.5/5.