Charmi on Prema Oka Maikam

Published On: August 29, 2013   |   Posted By:

Prema Oka Maikam

The bold and beautiful Charmi who is playing an important role in  Prema Oka Maikam said that she was in two minds before accepting the role of a call girl.She continued saying that her friend Fariba advised her to take up this role. She even saw the Hollywood movie ‘Pretty Women’ 15 times that  gave her inspiration to do the role of a call girl.

One singer and one writer roles are clubbed with her role,which are very touching. She even said that her manager and driver who saw the premier of the movie could not control their tears. The climax scene is very touching and all the dialogues are very meaningful. Pulagam Chinnarayana dialogues added much weight to the movie.

She also said that she is doing 2 movies ‘Prathigatana’ and ‘ Mantra-2’ at present. ‘Prema Oka Maikam’ is releasing on 30th August and she is hoping for its success.