Director releases movie on Sunday

Published On: May 25, 2013   |   Posted By:

Director releases movie on SundayYoung Tollywood Director and Producer Maruthi who delivered two super hit small budget films ” Ee Rojullo ” and ”  Bus Stop ” is now ready to come up with another film titled ”Prema Katha Chirtram”. This time Maruthi has not directed the movie but is the producer  . This movie is directed by Prabhakara Reddy. The main roles are by Nandita and Sudhir Babu .

The movie Prema Katha Chitram is ready for release and Maruthi has decided to release the film on June 9th 2013 which is on Sunday .Usually movies get release on Friday or Thursday but he is releasing on Sunday as his previous film Bus stop was a hit which was released on Sunday . Sunday has now turned to Sunday Sentiment for Prema Katha Chitram also .