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Music Director Harinikesh is currently working for the movie “20.11“.

Here are glimpses of his interview.

Sir, Could you please tell us about your Background?

I am Harinikesh, an engineer by qualification and a musician by heart. My dad is a manager at Jain irrigation and my mom is a home maker. I have a brother who has just completed his MS in UK.

How did you get into the music industry?

As I have already mentioned, I don’t have a movie background. During my college days, I was into performing lot of music shows during fests. Music has always been my passion, the music bug bit me when I was a teenager. Upon completing my education I zeroed in on music and decided that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life- MUSIC.

With regard to my entry into the movie industry, a dear friend of mine Ashok, who is like a brother, introduced me to Vamsi (Max as his friends call him – the director) and Vikram sir (the producer). Max told me about the concept of “20.11” (movie) and it was very clear about how he wanted the music to be composed. As I started doing the music, I instantly felt a connection. I gave him a few tunes; he and the production team was impressed. That is how I came on board for this movie. As it is my first big break and inception into the industry, I took extra care in composing tunes. It was exhilarating and extremely challenging at the same time.

Any inspiration for your music?

Music itself is an inspiration. My passion for music brought me into this field.  However, if I have to name a few musicians then it would be Hans Zimmer, clint mansell,  james newton howard, James Horner and our very own A.R.Rehman.

Hari, do you have a preferential choice towards western or classical music?

Well, I have learned western classical and Hindustani and I also got grades from Trinity College London. Western /classical/rock/pop/opera/trance or whatever it be, music is what I love. I would like to expand and explore my boundaries, go as far as I can in the ocean of music. Different styles of music are like different dialects in the languages we speak.

Sir, can you share some information regarding the movie “20.11” music?

Well, there are six songs in this movie and one of it is a remix. Each song is one of its own kinds. As I already mentioned, I instantly felt a connection, it all shows in the songs. You will understand what I mean once you listen to the songs. In fact we are introducing a metal song for the first time in a Telugu film. Also, there is a “breathless” song which was sung by Harshika, she has done a wonderful job. Once the song came out we were all pleasantly surprised. It came out very well.

What else you do sir in your free time?

I hang out with my friends, play games on my Play station, and I watch movies whenever I get time. I always try to learn and compose new tunes. I practice various variations which will enhance my music knowledge.

Any message for upcoming music directors?

Well, I myself need to learn a lot. But, I always believe that if we do something whole heartedly, we are bound to succeed. We should do it with passion, conviction and appreciate the process. There is an opportunity to learn at every turn in one’s life. Just be yourself, learn as much as you can and let your heart take your work for a better output.

Good luck and hope I will have all your blessings.