Heads & Tales Movie On Zee5

Published On: October 12, 2021   |   Posted By:
Heads & Tales Movie On Zee5
Heads & Tales’ is the latest offering to come out from ZEE5. It will stream from 22nd October  onwards. Directed by Sai Krishna Enreddy and starring Srividya Maharshi (as Anisha), Divya Sripada (as Manga), Sunil (as Almighty) and Chandini Rao, the film has the story by Sandeep Raj of ‘Colour Photo’ fame (Sai Enreddy played a role in it). As for the Srividya-Divya duo, they have entertained the Netizens through their YouTube content titled ‘Girl Formula’. Interestingly, Sunil has been cast as the Almighty, the God who writes people’s stories, each of which comes with a different screenplay.

Releasing the First Look of the OTT release, Regina said, “The first look of #HeadsandTales is here and I’m loving everything about it.”  To be streamed from 22nd October 2021, it has music by Mani Sharma, who has delivered music for over 140 films across languages (read Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Bangla and Hindi).

Talking about the premise of ‘Heads & Tales’, the makers said, “It is a cute story of three women, each of whom is in a different stage of life. They face conflicted situations with their partners. How their fates intertwine and the love for their partners pans out differently for each of these women is the story.”

The director is confident that the Telugu-language drama will be found relatable. “It subtly inspires women to stand up for themselves. The story unfolds over the span of a night. Women in different life stages perceive and deal with problems differently.” ‘Heads & Tales’ has a philosophical outlook, for it shows that our lives are more intertwined than what we think, besides showing how the larger forces dictate our lives.