Krishna Varma

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Krishna Varma,
making his Debut in the industry as Director with the movie “Play”.

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I was born and brought up in Kakinada. My father Ramaraju is a contractor, and Mother Kumari is a house wife. I have one younger and elder brother. I completed my Degree from Kakinada. In 2005 I came to Hyderabad.

What inspired you to enter in cine field?

I was not interested in regular job. I took film making as my profession and decided to become a Director. Basically, Ram Gopal Varma is my inspiration for getting into cine field. He has inspired me very much by his professional life rather than his movies. He is the only one in the industry with a rare bold attitude, and whatever he desires he achieves it with a grace. He is my God Father.

Have you worked for any movies?

I have worked in Lakshmi Narasimha Productions banner, under Producer Nallamalapu Bujji Garu for the movie “Laxmi”. This was my first assignment and from here I started learning about movie direction. I worked as an assistant for Bujji Garu. After that I worked for “lakshyam” (2007) starring Gopichand, Anushka and Jagapati Babu. For this movie I worked as an Assistant Director. I want to heartily thank Bujji garu, because of his guidance I am here at this position and also to “Lakshmi Narasimha Productions” banner for being so kind and supportive to me.

Have you learnt any course for Direction?

Yes, In 2003 I have Learnt Basic course in Direction from “Chennai Film Institute”.

What is “Play” storyline?

Play” is a comic thriller movie. It’s the story between 5 friends living in an apartment, Involved in a game. Actually, one of my friend showed me a Game chat in past. It was really interesting for me and when we started enquiring about the game chat we went through unusual Experiences. I wanted to share what we experienced in those days. Hence I decided to make a film on it. I am really proud to say that “Play” movie story is original & it is not influenced by any of the other regional or language movies.

About the cast & crew of the movie “Play”:

Vijay Dharan, Trinath, Ashok, Gopi Varma, Subhash. Angel gerwal, Sree lakshmee. Cameraman is Monish Bhupati, and he has done a brilliant work for the movie. He framed the cinematography as per my requirement. Music for the movie is given by Gopi Varma. Though being a debut music director he has done a great job. There are no commercial songs for this movie only background music is given. And he has narrated the story really well with the music he composed. Background score has been done by Ramana. Digital Editor Sridhar has done a great job. He has done the editing really well.

Your Team is new to industry, how you managed to do the task?

As I said earlier, it’s an original story, it created an ease in me which apparently reduced my fear. The other thing is that, it’s a very low budget movie and still the work done by my team is fabulous. I don’t have any kind of fear or complaints and as a team we have done a great work.

Tell us about the making of “Play”?

Canon 5D cameras are used for this movie shooting and it took around 36 days. First every one told me that it’s an impossible thing to make a movie with canon 5d camera and it took so much time for me to make people realize it. But after reading the story of RGV’s “Dongala Muta” movie every one believed me. RGV has completed the shooting for the movie using Canon 5D. Indirectly RGV helped me out. 90% of movie was completed in an apartment and remaining is done on other places.

Don’t you feel it’s very early to become a director?

At some stage I thought it’s getting late so entered into Direction. Actually many people advised me not to do hurry and work for some more time but I was very keen on my decision. I have learnt many things after getting into Direction field. I have chosen a script which holds good and will give me a different position in the industry. According to me it’s a right time to introduce myself to the people and industry.

What is the movie duration?

Movie duration is 2 hours. Movie has 4 songs which are only the background tracks.

How much graphics work is used for the movie?

I have used graphics in some scenes only where human reach is risky. And I have made the movie in such manner that no one should leave the seats until the last scene ends. I hope it to better than the best.

What kind of movies we can expect from you in future?

Well I can’t say much about it, but definitely not a horror movie. I hope my next movie will be a love story. Not only this, I want to direct different genre movies like Maniratnam and RGV.

Favorite actor.

Pavan Kalyan. Naga Chaitanya.

Favorite Director.

I like RGV, Maniratnam & Krishna Vamsi Garu movies.


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