Ladai movie is releasing on 26th July

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 Nikishith ladai movie

‘Ladai’ movie is scheduled for release on 26th July 2013. Nikshith is debuting as hero as well as director with this movie. This movie is a message oriented one and a youthful love, comedy, action entertainer. Entire movie was shot in a very short time. Sai Madhav Burra, who is the writer of the movie has also penned down the songs. The movie team expressed that the song by Geetha Madhuri  will be the highlight and the whole movie has come up with natural and realistic look.

Megha Burman of Ankith Pallavi and Friends movie fame is playing one of the female leads while Geeta and Venni   playing the other female leads in this movie  The famous mimicry artist Siva Reddy had played a key role.  Music composed by Ramu.