Lakshmi Devi Samarpinchu Nede Choodandi in Final Schedule

Published On: August 31, 2013   |   Posted By:

Lakshmi Devi Samarpinchu Nede ChoodandiThe Movie Lakshmi Devi Samarpinchu Nede Choodandi Is In The Last Schedule.

Tollywood’s latest upcoming movie titled “Lakshmi Devi Samarpinchu Nede Choodandi” is in the last schedule of its shooting. It is a socio-fantasy movie. The title is apt as the gods come from the heaven to our world to produce a movie. The yester years beauty Aamani, Suresh and actor Nagubabu are playing the key roles. It is being directed by J.K.Atheek and being produced by Meruva Subbareddy. The musical score is  by  Koti. The popular comedian Gautam Raju’s Son Krishna is one among the main leads. The Kollywood hero Akhil, Charan are also in the main leads. Madhu Rakshi, Janani Reddy, Pragnya ,Kiran, Sana, Poonam and Supreeth are in the main female leads. It is being presented by Siraaj.

Gautam Raju, Ashok Kumar, Gundu Sudarshan, Tirupathi Prakash are among the other star cast. The editing is been done by Anurudra.