London Babulu Movie Review

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London Babulu Movie Review

Movie title:- London Babulu

Banner:- Maruthi Talkies

Release Date:-17.11.2017

Censor Rating:-“U”

Cast:- Rakshith, Ali,Murali Sharma,Raja Ravindra,Jeeva,Dhanraj

Story:-Arul Chezhiyan

Screenplay:- Chinni Krishna

Dialogues:- Chinni Krishna

Directed by:- Chinni Krishna.

Music:- K.

Lyricist:- Bhakarabhatla

Cinematography:-Shyam K Naidu

Editing:-S B Uddhav

Producer:- Maruthi

Run Time:-125 minutes

Maruthi’s movie will have special interest and attraction hoping for more comedy.With this hop  as hype ‘London Babulu’ movie is released to day in theaters.This is the remake version of Tamil movie ‘Andavan Kattalai'(2016).


Gandhi(Rakshith) is a decent good young man in Antharvedi village.The loans he has taken become an headache. In the other side his brother in law

(Raja Ravindra) threatens him that he will send back his sister if does not give him money. So he decides to go to London to earn and clear of all his debts and also to lead a peaceful life. The reason is that the people in his town are settled in London and send huge amounts to their parents and wives.

Sathya,his friend also gets ready to accompany him to London.In this process both reach the city and trust a broker for getting pass ports. Thinking that he can reach early if he mentions his wife name,he hemarks the name Suryakantham in the application.But there are chances of being upheld at the immigration. Gandhi is working in Murali Sarma’s Drama Company.Since Murali Sarma is straight forwardd and also against lying. So to protect his job .In the process he comes across one Suryakantham(Swathi) acts like a dumb .He informs Murali Sarma that he is already married.He thinks of taking a divorce from Suryankantham with the help of Ali.But he falls in love and reveals the truth to Suryakantham.The rest of the movie is to be seen on the silver screen to know whether he has gone to London or not.

Debutant Rakshith has well presented himself as an innocent on the screen.Swatch has done justice to her given role. Sathya’s comedy is the highlight in the first half.  All others done well their roles.

Director Chinni Krishna done repairs to the Tamil original story to give more comedy touch in Maruthi style. Story wise the movie is entertaining.

Since it is a low budgeted movie can not expect high quality presentation or to be precise richness in presentation.Photography is ok.Musical score is good for 2 songs but back ground music is not up to the mark.The freshness in story may please the audience.


Fresh Story line

Rakshith,Swathi action

Comedy by Sathya

Ali,Sathyakrishna comedy




Over action by Murali Sarma

Since no movie with comedy touche released this weekend, Maruthi mark movie may entertain you this weekend.Can be watched with family.