Love You Bangaram Trailer Talk

Published On: December 4, 2013   |   Posted By:

Love You Bangaram Trailer TalkLove You Bangaram Trailer Talk

Love You Bangaram, the movie starring Rahul, Sravya, directed by Govi and distributed by Raosan  Film distributors for Nizam area,has come up with an interesting trailer. Starting off with an innocent looking Rahul standing at a bus stop, the movie gets romantic with a nice love story between Rahul and Sravya and then gets a touch of mystery with a lot of blood and possibly murder..! It then ends with the female lead saying Love You Bangaram, perhaps indicating that the movie will not end on a sad note.

Rahul of Happy Days fame performed really well as seen from the trailer and can bag another hit with this interesting movie. The beautiful Sravya looks decent enough.We also like how the music varies in the trailer from one scene to another, from a soft background score for the romantic part of the trailer to a violent tune for the thrilling sequences.With so much happening in the trailer itself, we can conclude that the movie is going to have all the elements that a telugu movie will need to enthrall their audiences, and we can’t wait to watch it in theatres.