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Madhura-SridharDirector Madhura Sridhar, made his debut in Tollywood with the movie “Sneha Geetam” (2010), is now all set to release his second movie “it’s my love story”.

Here are the excerpt details.

Let us know about you?

I was born and brought up in Warangal. My father is a Retired lecturer and mother is Home maker. We are three brothers and I am the younger one in the family. I am married to Keerti and I have two sons. I did my bachelor degree from NIT Warangal, and then I did my Masters from IIT Madras where I also got Gold Medal. I have been to US where I worked in MNC’s like TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahendra, and Infosys. As an employee I worked for almost 13 years over there.

What inspired you to get into movies and who has been your idol?

Since an early age I was very passionate about Movie making. But before entering into Cine field, I wanted to make myself financially stable. So, I went to US and worked there. While doing job I had a plan of establishing a music Company. I worked on it and in 2005 I started “Madhura Music”. Later in 2006 I started a magazine called “Cine Star”. My basic inspiration to get into movies is RGV and Chiranjeevi. I was highly inspired by RGV’s “Shiva” and “Geetanjali” movies and this are the movies which made up my mind to film making.

What “It’s my Love story” movie is all about?

It’s a contemporary love story between a Computer Game designer from Warangal and a fashion Designer girl from Visakhapatnam. Under the present Telangana Issues without Hurting or provoking any one I tried to present a love story of Andhra Guy and Telangana girl. I just want to show that after so much of issues one thing which is connecting us is “Telugu” language. A part from this I have also tried to show the living relationship status.

Tell us about cast and crew of “it’s my Love story” movie?

I love to work with new star cast. For this moviee I did a star hunt. I received 3000 applicants out of which I selected the Hero and Heroine. Apart from new comers, this time I also went with Jayasudha Garu, Sarath Babu Garu.

About the making of this movie?

Film making is not a bed of roses. It requires huge coordination. As it’s my second movie I was bit nervous and tensed. But overall it was a great experience. Cinematography is done by P.G. Vinda. My coordination with him is really good and at the end of the day we together have a nice output. Dialogues are given by Venky, who worked as hero in “Sneha Geetam”. Shooting was done in Visakhapatnam and Warangal only. I dint felt like going outside and shoot for the movie. And it took 56 days for completing the movie.

How do you differentiate “It’s my love story” with other love story based movie?

There are three points. The first one is Telangana and Andhra Issue. What I wanted to show unity in diversity. The second point is Living Relationship. People have just one opinion about living relationship. I just wanted to show them the other side of the coin. If a boy and girl have to live together under some circumstances, how will they behave with a mature mind set?

The final thing is, if you have a positive dream you will just follow it you will definetly realize it in your life. And if u had a negative dream you won’t worry about that. In telugu I can say “Istham ayna Kalalu Nizam aytay, Kastham ayna Kalalu padaypotayi”.

How is the response for the Movie Audio?

The response for audio is really good. The sales for the movie “it’s My Love Story” Audio Cd’s in Music World and Planet- M is in Top Ten list. I am very happy with the progress. A small movie managed to achieve place in the top ten lists is really a positive sign.  There are about 130 movies releasing in a year in which hardly 10-12 movies make a good collection at box office and the remaining movies vanishes. Only 10-12 movies work because of the strong Content, Music, and Marketing. I am really happy that I am among those 10-12 movies category. I am putting all my efforts to promote this movie to a great extent. This will be a much better promotion than “Sneha Geetam”.

What is the Duration of the movie?

It is Basically 2 hours and 5 min. the first half is 1 hour 1 minute and the second half is 1 hour 4 minutes. The movie contains 6 songs and time of each song is less than 4 minutes.

Tell us about your Movie Music Department

Sunil Kashyap is a fabulous guy. He reminds me of A.R.Rahman. He has given a wonderful music for the movie. I opt South Indian Singers. Pranavi, who recently won Nandi Award for the “Sneha Geetam”, has sung 4 songs in the movie. Singers Hema Chandra, Karunya also done an appreciating work.

In how many theaters you are planning to release the movie? And its release date?

We are planning to release the movie in 75 theatres and scheduled to release on 11th November.

As a director it’s your second movie, and again it’s a Love story? Why?

According to me, it’s better to do something in which you are good. I am influenced by love stories. I don’t think about action, comedy or thriller movies because my strength lays in love scripted Movies and I can present a love story in different ways and in many styles. So, in future  you will see love story based movies from my side.

Any technical improvements compared to your earlier movie?

I accept that I have done mistakes in “Sneha Geetam”. In second half of the “Sneha Geetam” movie I did some mistakes in screenplay, but as the story concept was new I managed to get good reviews. This time I have learnt from my mistakes and improved my work which you will observe in “It’s my love story” this movie. You will find much difference in screenplay, cinematography in “it’s my love story” when compared to “Sneha geetam”. I have to improve more and I am pretty confident that the next movie will be much better.

How was your experience working with new comers Arvind & Nikhita Narayan?

Arvind and Nikhita have done a decent work in the movie. It’s quite difficult to work with new comers, as they are new to industry and not well experienced you need to teach them at each and every point. One needs to teach them the expressions, continuity and much. It takes time to get the required output. I was mentally prepared for all this so, I didn’t felt any difficulty. I was prepared to work hard and I have provided more efforts from my side.

Any other projects you’re concentrating upon?

Next movie is Violent Love story based on true incidence.

Your Favorite movies?

RGV’s Shiva and Geetanjali are my favorite movie.

Apart from Direction what you like?

At present I am concentrating more on Direction and My family. I help my wife in bringing up my kids.

Your Favorite Director?

My favorite Directors are RGV and Mani Ratnam. I really admire them and in film making I never tried to follow them. They have their own style and I can’t compare myself with them. I love RGV’s business strategies, the way he promotes his movies and more over his confidence.

What are your passion and interests?

I have huge interest in Business. That’s the reason I started my own Music Company.

What does future hold for you?

In future I would like to have an own Production House and in 2019 elections I want to Join politics.

Do you like to share any suggestions to stop piracy?

I don’t want to comment on piracy because there are too many factors responsible for piracy one of them is easy availability of internet. For example if we want to see a movie immediately we just download it from Internet. That is also a piracy. I can just tell one thing “watching pirated movie at home is not a good experience. If someone really wants to have a good time then they must go and watch the movie in theatres instead of watching them at home.”

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