Malini 22 Trailer Talk

Published On: December 4, 2013   |   Posted By:

Malini 22 trailer talkMalini 22 trailer talk

Malini 22, Nitya Menon’s upcoming movie is supposedly going to be a very serious film about a rape victim and the trailer which has been recently released depicts the same. The trailer continually keeps changing between two entirely different scenarios, one where Nitya Menon is shown facing a lot of horrifying situations in a jail and the other one showing a phase of Nitya’s life which is a lot more pleasant and romantic.

The entire story clearly revolves around Nitya, where she is definitely going to be having a lot of scope to perform. Looks like we will see her in a never-seen-before avatar where she plays a strong and rough woman seeking out revenge as opposed to the sweet, girl next door Nitya that we are used to. Without giving away too much information on the thrilling story of the movie, the trailer manages to build up a certain amount of suspense within us, making us wait for the release of the movie so we can finally fathom the mystery when we go watch it in the theatres.

We also love the painting of a woman that constantly appears along with the titles in the trailer and the tag line, ‘Never fall in love with a stranger.’