Manasu Maya Seyake Release in September

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Manasu Maya Seyake

Manasu Maya Seyake Might Release in September 2013.

The young and dashing hero Prince’s another upcoming movie “Manasu Maya Seyake(MMS) is almost complete except for shooting a song sequence. Richa Panai, Sethu and Disha Pandey  in the main lead cast. It Is getting ready for a release in September 2013. P.Suresh is the director while  Jaison Pullikottil and Vince Mangadan are the producers on Full House Entetaiment Banner. The two pairs in this movie are Prince with Disha Pandey and Sethu with Richa Panai. It is a bilingual  romantic thriller. This movie will also be released in Tamil  titled as  “Manathi Maayam Seidhaai”. The music is being composed by Manikanth Kadri and Venkathanuma is the cinematographer. The audio release event of this movie may  take place in the 2nd week of August 2013.