Marcus Bartley – 100 Years Of Indian Cinema

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Marcus Bartley  ---100-Years-Of-Indian-CinemaMarcus Bartley – 100 Years Of Indian Cinema

100 Years Of Indian Cinema

The Indian cinema is celebrating the 100 year completion. Telugu cinema is completing 82 years of its first release of Bhaktha Prahlada (1931). As part of celebrations of Indian Cinema, remembers and recollects the information of The Greats of Early Telugu Cinema.  is presenting the profile of the great Cinematographer,Marcus Bartley. 

Marcus Bartley was a popular Anglo Indian Photographer born in the year 1917. He worked for many Telugu hit films as photographer. He also worked for Hindi,Tamil and Malayalam films. He can be named as the best photographer Catching the scenes with his trick photography. He did many wonders with his camera in those days in absence of Graphic art. He received Awards as Best photographer for a Tamil and a Malayalam movie. All the Telugu movies done with his camera were super hits.He was an expert in Black & white cinematography.

01.Swargaseema(1945)…C Naggaiah

02.Yogi Vemana (1947)…C Naggaiah

03.Gunasundari Katha(1949) …K Sivarao


05.Pathala Bhairavi(1951)…NTR 

06.Pelli Chesi Choodu(1952)…NTR

07.Chandraharam(1954) …NTR


09.Maya Bazar(1957)…ANR/NTR 

10.Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu(1958)…NTR 

11.Jagadeka Veeruni Katha(1961)

12.Gundamma Katha(1962)…ANR/NTR

13.Sri Rajeswari Vilas Coffee Club(1976)….Krishna 


This Great Cinematographer died 14th March,1993.