Shadow Movie Review

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Shadow Movie WallpapersMovie: Shadow

Rating :2.5/5

Cast : Venkatesh, Tapsee, M.S.Narayana, Srikanth, Madhurima, Nagababu and others

Director : Meher Ramesh

Producer : P.Shivramprasad

Music : S.S.Thaman

Story :
Movie begins in 1993 where a generalist Raghu Ram(Nagababu), father of Raja Ram(Venkatesh) heads an undercover operation called Shadow against a mafia don Nana. But however, Raghu Ram gets betrayed by his boss CP (Siyaji Shinde) by selling operation Shadow’s file to Nana. Eventually Nana and his gang kill Raghu Ram and his family brutally in front of 10 year old venkatesh. Rest of the movie is about how Raja Ram (Venkatesh) avenges the death of his family and in the process he comes through some vital revelations about his family.

Actor performances :
Venkatesh played the character of a vengeance seeking son with ease. His role was blended with comedy, action and sentiment. For an actor of Venkatesh’s caliber the role was cake walk. Tapsee did not have much screen space but she did her part decently. She looked very gorgeous in the songs and danced exceptionally well. M.S.Narayana was the primary source of comedy in the film, he did not disappoint as well. Srikanth did a full fledged supporting role after long time and was a pleasant surprise for the audience. All the other cast members did decent job with no major flaws whatsoever.

Technical Aspects:
All the technicians in the movie are of high profile. As a result movie was technically flawless. Camera work was done exceptionally well. Movie was mostly shot in Malaysia and director made the most of country’s beauty. Movie looks very rich on the screen all the time. Music by Thaman was decent, eventhough it is not as good as Venkatesh’s previous movies, Thaman managed to deliver couple of feet tapping numbers.Editing was good with no complaints whatsoever. On the whole Shadow was technically very well made.


Movie begins in 1993 with an action episode when Venkatesh was little. First 20 minutes set the plot and tone of the movie. Movie then comes to the present year with Venkatesh grown up and ready for his vengeance. It then enters an action episode with couple of chases and shootouts. Right at the time when movie seem to get boring, a comedy track has been knocked in which manages to produce few laughs. Movie goes on an entertaining note for rest of the 1st half and then thrills audience with an interesting interval bang. 2nd half of the movie starts off with serious action scenes with few laughs provided by M.S.Narayana in the middle. Movie drives on with Venkatesh outsmarting bad guys and killing them one by one. Then comes climax of the movie with an exciting action sequence. Movie ends with Venkatesh succeeding in pulling off his mission and credits roll with the amazing the title song.

Bottom-line – Shadow is decent action and family entertainer, Venkatesh’s fans can watch once.