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must see telugu movies

100 Years of Indian Cinema:

The Indian cinema is celebrating the 100 year completion. Telugu cinema is completing 82 years of its first release of Bhaktha Prahlada (1931). As part of celebrations of Indian Cinema, remembers and recollects the information of The Great movies of Early and present Telugu Cinema. is presenting the list of movies which can never be missed viewing.We are presenting the list continuously with 5 movies a day. This we are doing to enable true movie lovers to view these movies if they have not done so. The list is a mixture of old,recent and very recent movies. These are the Must See Telugu Movies.


16. Batasari(1961)
Cast:- ANR, Bhanumathi, Janaki, Devika, Suryakantham
Directed by :- P Ramakrishna Rao
Music:- Master Venu
Producer:- P S Ramakrishna Rao
Banner :- Bharani Pictures

17. Bandhavyalu(1968)
Cast:- SVR,Savitri,Dhoolipala
Directed by:- S V Ranga Rao
Music:- S Hanumantha Rao
Producer:- S V Ranga Rao
Banner :- S V R Films


Cast :- NTR,Jamuna
Directed by :- Vedantham Raghavaiah
Music :- Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao
Producer :- Guruva Reddy
Banner :- Sri Divya Jtothi

19. Chenchulakshmi(1958)

Cast:- ANR,Anjali Devi,SVR,Relangi
Directed by:- B A Subba Rao
Music:- S Rajeswara Rao
Producer:- B A Subba Rao
Banner :- B A S Productions

20. Chadarangam(1967)
Cast:- SVR, Haranath, Jamuna,
Directed by:- S V Ranga Rao
Music:- T V Raju
Producer:- S V Ranga Rao
Banner :- S V R Films