Next Nuvve Movie Review

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Next Nuvve Movie Review

Movie title:- Next Nuvve

Banner:- V4 Movies

Release date:-03.11.2017

Censor Rating:-“A”

Cast:- Aadhi. Vaibhavi,Reshmi,Brahmaji,Avasarala Srinivas,Jayaprakash Reddy,Raghu Babu,Himaja

Story:- D K.


Dialogues:-Srikanth Vissa and Nirupam Paritala

Directed by:-P.Prabhakar

Music:- Sai Kartheek


Cinematography:- Karhik Palani

Editing:-S B Uddhav.

Producer:- Bunny Vasu

Run Time:-142 minutes

‘Next Nuvve’ movie is an entry point as director for T V actor P.Prabhakar.


Aadi dreams of becoming a great director like Rajamouli by getting name and fame with TV Serials. To make serials he spends lot of money.Since he could not click success with his serials,He prepares to shift to a very old palace in Araku which he gets unexpectedly from his father.So he along with his his lover Vaibhavi enters in to this Palace.There enter Brahmaji and his sister Reshmi. Brahmaji settles as an assistant to Aadi where as his sister Reshmi on a mission to lure him.

The actual story starts after these 4 are together.There is a Ghost staying in the Palace thinking it as her own and kills those trying to own the palace.For the past 50 years all those tried to to enter in to the palace as owners are killed.All those killed enter again as guests for Aadi and again die. Aadi does not know this. Aadi comes to know this fact through a police. He also realizes that he is also going to be killed.When the Ghost tries to kill Aadi,Jayaprakash Reddy enters and Aadi sells him the Palace .Aadi escapes from the Palace.Jayaprakash Reddy and his gang are killed.

Now it has become quite common in Tollywood with so many horror comedy thrillers.To be frank there is nothing to point out at Aadi’s action.Brahmaji is very impressive with his comedy,All other actors performed well the given roles. Prabhakar has handled well the story as a director. Producer Bunny Vasu to be appreciated for giving good production values to the movie.The music,cinematography and editing are ok.

There is more comedy than horror.

Can see once for Brahmaji’s action.


Brahmaji’s comedy

Glamour of Reshmi

Raghu Babu’s comedy

Himaja’s action


Routine story