OM 3D Movie Review

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 om 3d movie review

Title : Om 3D
Release Date : 19.07.2013.
Genre : Action – Revenge-Sentimental Drama
Banner : NTR Arts
Director : Sunil Reddy
Producer : Kalyan Ram, Advaitha
Cast : Kalyan Ram,Kirti Kharbanda,Nikesha Patel,Rao Ramesh,Sampath Raj,Karthik,Suresh,Raghu
Music Director : Achu Rajamani, Sai Karthik
Editor : Gowtham Raju
Cinematography : Ajayan Vincent
Story : Sunl Reddy
Script prepared by : Sunil Reddy
Censor Certificate : U/A
Screen : Gallaxy 70mm, Tholichowki,Hyderabad (11:00 A.M Show).
Movie Duration : 124.50 minutes

The movie opens with Arjun (kalyan Ram) in injured state completes the last rites of his father. He now starts the pursuit of revenge, where the story is divided into 2 different tracks, One track is the present and the second one about the past, which is being narrated by the hero Arjun. There are many characters which end up being Two faceted at the climax. The interesting twists and turns at regular intervals keep the interest and curiosity of viewers on story development. The story is presented in such a way that can not be mentioned and to be seen on silver screen only. The sound (rerecording) and technical Values displayed in portraying   the action sequences are an asset to the movie.

Senior actors like Karthik, Suresh and witty Rao Ramesh and Raghu have put on a good show. The lead actresses Kirti Kharbanda and   Nikesha Patel have done justice to the roles they played. Sampath Raj plays a Powerful character. The music is good and blends well with the story. The graphic art, and filming of action scenes in 3 D are added attraction to ‘Om 3D’. Full marks to Cinematographer Ajayan Vincent. Director Sunil Reddy has presented this two track story with neat narration with out any confusion for the viewers. This looks like a Good come back for Kalyan Ram.

This movie, all in all an entertainer to the masses. People who love Action entertainers and technical effects will enjoy it.

It is a Treat for Nandamuri fans.

Rating :- 3/5