Prema Ishq Kaadhal Audio Launch Live Feed

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Prema Ishq Kaadhal Audio Launch Live Feed

10:08 P.M:– Every one received the audio CD’s and with this audio event ended.

10:05 P.M:- Sunil has launched the audio CD and the first CD was given to Allari Naresh.

9:55 P.M:– Pawan Sadineni told that whole team has done well and thanked every one who attended the event.

9:52 P.M:-Nara Rohit wished all the team success, Next hero Sunil told that this movie will be a big hit .

9:49 P.M:- Allari Naresh told that his relationship with Gopigaru is special and told that Pawan Sadineni has got a bright future.He even told that it is happy to see all Telugu girls in the movie.

9:47P.M:- Madhura Sreedhar told that after looking at the teaser of the movie he was impressed and wanted to join the team and thanked Gopi to give him the opportunity.

9:40 P.M:- Producer of the movie Bekkam Venugopal told that every one he invited came to the event with lot of affection on him and thanked Sunil, Allari Naresh and every hero who attended the event. He thanked cast and crew for their support and Suresh Babu who supported him and even Madhura Sreedhar .

9:38 P.M:- Allari Naresh, Sunil, Madhura Sreedhar, All the cast and crew of the movie ,Pawan Sadineni were invited on to the stage and one more time theatrical trailer was presented.

9:35 P.M:- The theatrical trailer has been launched by the producer Bellamkonda Suresh.

9:30 P.M:– Advi Sesh, Bellamkonda Suresh -have come on to the stage to launch the theatrical  trailer . before that the best friend of the producer Bekkam Venugopal and the man who is responsible to launch the lucky media productions , Shivaji has been called upon to  the stage. Shivaji appreciated one and all.

9:15 P.M:- One More song is been launched by  the directors Ravi, Vijay Kumar Konda and  actor Tanish.

8:55 P.M:– One more time ‘Prema Ishq Kaadhal’ song audio visual is presented.

8:52 P.M:- Kamal Kamraj told that its raining music and its raining love and even as it is raining heavily so many audiences turned up and its worth coming to this audio launch and Sravan has got amazing talent.

8:49 P.M:- Aravind Krishna told that he has some connects with this movie that Shirdi Sai Combines is the first banner to launch him and Harshavardhan is a good friend of him , then he is doing one movie with Srimukhi and told that she has a bright future.

8:46P.M:- To launch fourth song Mahath, Kamal Karmraj, Aravind Krishna ,Raghu Kunche were invited on to the stage. The song ‘Prema Ishq Kaadhal’  A V was shown.

8:40 P.M:- Then Jabardast team were invited on to the stage to perform a comic act.

8:38 P.M:– The music of this movie was released by Madhura music and sponsors of the event are Cellkon and Kalamandir.

8:36 P.M:- Gopichand Malineni told that movie cast and crew were all young batch and the caption of the movie ‘Pick your story’ is very catchy and wished the team success.

8:34 P.M:-Kona Venkat told that lyrics penned by Krishna Chaitanya and music by Sravan were very good and also told that every one should appreciate director of the movie Pawan Sadineni for leaving his career and coming into film industry and more such well educated people should come to film industry.

8:33 P.M:- Dasarath told that the movie looks like a perfect team work and wished the team success.

8:31 P.M:– The three pairs of the movie were invited on to the stage and they all together performed for the song.

8:26 P.M:- Next director Dasarath and Gopichand Malineni to launch the third song ‘Gundusudhi’. Then singer Varun was invited on to the stage to sing this song.

8:24 P.M:- Next Srimukhi is just interacting with other heroes present in the event by asking them how to spell love in Malayalam  and Bengali , She asked hero Tanish and Sunil.

8:18 P.M:- Next the third pair of the movie Harish and Srimukhi were invited on to the stage. They both thanked the producer and told that working with Pavan Sadineni was like a good journey. Harish told that ‘Kaadhal’ is their love story and he was happy to work with Karthik and Pavan as they were associated with each other from the last two years.

8:17 P.M:- Next a small comic act by Adwerd and team.

8:14 P.M:- Then director Nandini Reddy spoke about music director Sravan and told that he has huge following in the youth and told that music was excellent and wished her friend Bekkam Venugopal all the best for the success of the movie.

8:11 P.M:-Second song ‘Thulle Thulle’ was launched by Tammareddy Baradwarja .After that he spoke about Bekkam Venugoapl and told that picture is very good and music is also very good.

8:05 P.M:– The comedians from the Jabardhast team Sundheer and his co- stars are performing on the stage.

8:00 P.M:- The actors Harshavardhan Rane and Vithika Sheru Performed on the stage.

7:56 P.M;- The director Pawan Sadineni is speaking about the movie shooting and told that all the actors have performed well.

7:40 P.M:- The teaser  of the film is being screened .

7:30 P.M:- The Jyothi is lit by Bekkam Venu gopal sisters, wife and by his two cute daughters.

7:25 P.M:– The audio launch event  of the movie “Prema Ishq Kaadhal”has just started, Shilpa Chakravarthy is anchoring the event.

Prema Ishq Kaadhal Audio Launch Live Feed7:30 P