Prema Katha Chitram Movie Review

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Prema Katha Chitram

Movie : Prema Katha Chitram
Cast : Sudheer Babu, Nanditha
Director: J. Prabhakar ReddyMusic : JB
Producer : Maruthi, Sudarshan Reddy

Censor :- A

Rating : 2.5/5

Review: The movie Prema Katha Chitram starring Sudheer Babu is a romantic thriller laced with comedy.The first half of the movie runs slowly but the second is highly entertaining with its comedy and horror elements. Although the movie has a tried and tested story it has been presented very well by the director. The songs and fights were picturized well.

Story line: Sudheer (played by Sudheer Babu )who is heartbroken because his girlfriend cheated  him decides to end his life. Nandu (played by Nanditha) and Praveen (played by Praveen) take him to a farmhouse, making him believe that they too, depressed with their lives, would like to end their lives at the farmhouse. In reality, Nanditha and Praveen take him to the farmhouse to stop Sudheer from committing suicide. Nanditha, who is madly in love with Sudheer plans on changing his mind by making him fall in love with her.

Their plan succeeds and Sudheer ends up falling for Nanditha. Just as they begin their relationship, things begin to take an unexpected turn and they discover that the farmhouse has a dark past. The rest of the movie will have you discovering who the person is behind the farmhouse fiasco.

Performances: Sudheer babu, did a good job when compared to his first film and portrayed the emotions of fear and confusion really well. Nanditha did a fantastic job and stole the show with her expressive eyes and briliant acting. Praveen’s Godavari accent was hilarious. Maruthi’s dialogues which are popular for their double meaning got a nice response from the audiences.

Bottom line: With horror, comedy and romance in the right proportions, Prema Katha Chitram does not fail to impress the audiences and it is a one time watch.