Ram Charan follows Rajinikanth in Japan

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Ram Charan follows Rajinikanth

Ram Charan follows Rajinikanth in Japan : 

Super Star Rajnikanth who has fans all over the world has die-hard fan base in Japan and all his films released there collected good amount at box-office. Now  Ram Charan’s  fans in Japan are increasing after the screening  of ‘Magadeera’ . Japaneese liked the movie very much . A food manufacturing company in Japan named Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd wanted to cash the craze of Ram Charan Teja, So they printed Charan’s photo on their biscuit packets. Sources say, Ezaki Glico Co had conducted a market study and decided to launch its product with Ram Charan’s picture on its wrapper.  This is the proof to say Ram Charan has huge following in Japan like Rajnikanth.